Partnership and business for you

Company Sazuka a.s. works in the field of medical materials.

Our main partner in this field is VULM s.r.o. – pharmaceutical company with long-term experience, know-how, research and development programs. We are working on the international markets. Currently we are in possession of pharmaceutical materials aimed at protection against COVID-19. More information about this material in our products’ portfolio.

Company profile

SAZUKA is a joint stock company, which was formed in 2009, and operates in selected markets in Central Europe, Middle East and Asia. The company works as a consulting company in business, trade and services between its individual clients and customers. Its activities include also own funds investment to interesting international projects.

We are a holding company managing assets in several economic sectors with commitment to individual investments for three or more years. Our investments are either realized as individual investments or in cooperation with global or local partners. Our aim is the effective investment management based on permanent development, unique product base and strong position on the world market. As a member of the Czech-Slovak-Iraqi Chamber of Commerce and Industry we are developing active relations in Iraq.

Our team is experienced in several industries and can provide the extensive amount of knowledge and experience. Moreover we can use our international network of industry experts and partners, which increases the post-investment business development.

Products Portfolio

 Several years of experience and volume of different contacts in Czech and Slovak business gives us the possibility to offer a wide field of products and services. Our partners, big and important national and international companies are leaders in its industries. All this makes us to a business partner, which can satisfy customer’s needs in superior quality for a reasonable price.

Medical products

Company SAZUKA a.s. works in the field of medical materials supply at the European markets and at the international level.

Water Treatment

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Building Construction

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Windows and Profiles

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Construction Waste Recycling

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Commodities Trading

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Engineering Services for Gas and Oil Industry

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Machinery and Vehicles

We provide our consulting services and market entry support for the region of Middle East and Asia to our partners – Slovak producers of construction machinery and utility vehicles..