Water Treatment

We provide several activities in the drinking and service water supply industry, especially wastewater treatment, solid waste dumping or collecting of wastewater and surface water. Together with our partners in this field we are also able to prepare all necessary documentation and perform engineering services. We ensure and deliver global solutions from preparatory and survey works to design and construction supervision. In cooperation with our partners we can manage complete building and line up for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants. Before the realization of each project we provide an exhaustive analysis of several affecting factors: ecological aspects of the environment, terrain specifications, the agglomeration size and financial options. Based on clients needs, we can propose technologies optimal for concrete clients and their specific needs. Taking into account all these aspects we recommend best available technology for the purposes of a particular project.


  • Risk analysis
  • Ecological audit
  • Pollution examination
  • Hazardous waste disposal
  • Environmental components monitoring
  • Building projects ecological supervision
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA)


  • Hydrogeological exploration – new resources locating, trapping and protecting
  • Water processing in ground environment and process equipment
  • Water resources protection zones planning
  • Hydrogeological expertise

Geology engineering:

  • Geotechnical tests
  • Geological exploration
  • Foundation pits planning and dewatering

Laboratory work:

Water and soil chemical analysis for

  • Ecological problem solving
  • Waste water monitoring
  • Ground water monitoring